The Türkiye Bocce Bowling and Darts Federation (TBBDF), established in 2005, serves as the official representative of the bocce, bowling, and dart branches in Turkey. The federation fosters the widespread adoption of sports through national and international competitions, reaching broad audiences. With representations in all cities of Türkiye, over 3000 coaches, and records of more than 8000 athletes, TBBDF enriches Turkish sports and leads in the development of successful athletes. The federation conducts national and international projects to promote a healthy lifestyle, increase the participation of individuals with disabilities in sports, and support safe sports environments for children. TBBDF leads the PCSOS project and offers a new approach to the protection of children in sports. For detailed information about TBBDF, please visit

Prof. Dr. Mutlu Türkmen (Project leader): Mutlu Türkmen is the president of TBBDF. He works as a professor at Bayburt University. Türkmen conducts scientific research and projects on sports sciences and sports management.

Onur Akman (Project Coordinator): Onur Akman works as a lecturer at Bayburt University. He is experienced in the coordination and management of Erasmus+ projects.

Cansu Nur Akman (Project Researcher): Cansu Nur Akman works as a researcher assistans at Bayburt University. She is experienced in the sport science.





Bayburt University, one of the youngest universities in Türkiye, was established on May 31, 2008. Its mission is not only to prepare its students as leaders for a responsible life that produces, shares and presents knowledge for the benefit of society, but also to improve the social, cultural and economic achievements of the people of the region and the country.Bayburt University aims to become one of the world-renowned universities in education, research and service.

Our university staff includes a total of 487 Academic Staff, including 16 Professors, 77 Associate Professors, 161 Doctoral Lecturers, 155 Lecturers and 78 Research Assistants. In addition, 215 administrative personnel, 177 Permanent Workers and 38 Contracted Personnel work to ensure the smooth running of administrative procedures.

Assoc. Dr. Ferhat Güder: Ferhat Güder is a faculty member of Coaching Education at Bayburt University, Faculty of Sports Sciences. He works as an associate professor at Bayburt University. Güder conducts scientific studies on movement and training sciences.

Assoc. Dr. Hayri Akyüz: Hayri Akyüz is a faculty member and department head at Bayburt University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Physical Education and Sports Education. Akyüz carries out scientific and academic studies in the fields of Physical Education and Sports Education and Recreation.





Association Sport for all Serbia (ASFAS), A non-profit sports association in Serbia, established in 2005, continuing a 70+ year tradition from its predecessor, the Association for Physical Education "Partizan" of Yugoslavia, managing the programs for sport recreation and sport in companies within the system of sports of the Republic of Serbia. As a national sport organization, ASFAS is an umbrella organization with 136 members. 

In collaboration with members and partners, and with the support of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Serbia, the Association strives to enhance societal well-being and promote public health. Collaborating with key international organizations like TAFISA, ISCA, EFCS, and BAWS, the Association enhances its programs and strategies. Through successful participation in international projects, it not only strengthens its own capabilities but also contributes to the overall improvement of the sports system in Serbia.


Executing over 30 annual national and international programs for all segments of society, the Association, aligned with its mission "ACTIVE SERBIA 2030," enhances values like tradition, country promotion, gender equality, environmental awareness, social responsibility, inclusion, education, quality of life, and cultural heritage.





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Swim Club Zagreb is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy and active lifestyles through the sport of swimming. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for children, youth, and adults to learn, practice and enjoy swimming, while fostering a culture of inclusiveness, teamwork, and respect.

Luka Tuđan (Project leader): Luka is a skilled and passionate fitness professional with a drive to help people achieve their maximum potential. With over 10 years of experience as a sports trainer, Luka has developed his expertise in the areas of Sports Events and marketing, project leadership, head coaching and club management.

Mario Škegro (Project manager): Master in Kinesiology; Winner of the Rector's Award; Zagreb Sports Recreation Association Executive Committee Member; Sports Events and Marketing Specialist; Experienced personal trainer & trainer in many sports


CBI - International Bowls Confederation

Is an International Sport Federation, IOC recognized,  established on1983 acting by statute to:

a) Promote the sport of Raffa Bowls at the international level, in line with IOC/IPC and Sport for All objectives

b) Promote the practice of sport as a human right where "Everyone should be able to participate in sport and physical activity in a welcoming and inclusive way - regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, cultural background, ethnicity, location or life stage."

c) Entrusting the Clean Sport by following WADA programs and conducting training and awareness campaigns for athletes and staff, works to prevent the use of banned substances in sports.

CBI has been involved since many years in the development of intercultural research activities and organizational models, training activities and staff qualification, both through direct participation in funded projects ( Erasmus + ) that through the collaboration in various capacities with federations and sports organizations around the world.

In this project CBI is present trough the participation of Dott. Giorgio R. BARONE -  CBI Mgr Intl. Compliance & Education / Head of Medical & Antidoping Commission


Ovidius University of Constanta (UOC) is the largest European Union university on the Black Sea coast. Our goal is to be recognized as the regional leader in higher education and research, to be the first option of students from the Black Sea region and beyond. We are an Eastern gateway to Europe and we aim to attract a large number of Romanian and international students, as well as outstanding academic staff. We strive to achieve the highest European standards of quality education by offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programs, training our graduates for the competitive labor markets of Romania, the European Union and worldwide.

The mission of Ovidius University of Constanta is to create, maintain and disseminate knowledge at all levels of society through European standard education, research and artistic creation. The university is actively engaged in the local community and has an impact over the entire Black Sea region, within Europe and beyond its borders.

UOC is partner institution in the PCSOS project. For detailed information about UOC, please visit 

Associate professor Dan-Marcel ILIESCU, Phd. (Rector - Legal Representative)

Associate professor Adrian GEORGESCU, Phd. (Partner project manager)


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