The "CHILD SAFEGUARDING IN SPORT" is committed to creating safe, enjoyable, and inclusive sports environments for children. This section outlines the best practices we advocate and implement to protect children in sports settings.

Comprehensive Child Protection Policies

  • Establishing Clear Guidelines: Implementing comprehensive child protection policies that outline acceptable behaviors, reporting procedures, and response strategies.
  • Regular Training: Ensuring all staff and volunteers receive regular training on child protection policies and how to recognize and respond to signs of abuse and neglect.

Safe Recruitment and Staffing

  • Thorough Background Checks: Conducting background checks on all staff, coaches, and volunteers to ensure they are suitable for working with children.
  • Code of Conduct: Requiring all individuals involved to adhere to a strict code of conduct that emphasizes respect, safety, and the well-being of children.

Creating a Supportive Environment

  • Encouraging Open Communication: Fostering an environment where children feel comfortable discussing their concerns and experiences.
  • Empowering Children: Educating children about their rights, what constitutes inappropriate behavior, and how to report concerns.

Regular Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Ongoing Supervision: Ensuring activities are appropriately supervised and regularly evaluated for safety and compliance with child protection standards.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Implementing systems for receiving and acting on feedback from children, parents, and staff regarding safety and protection concerns.

Collaboration and Community Involvement

  • Working with Parents and Guardians: Engaging with parents and guardians to ensure they are informed and involved in child protection strategies.
  • Networking with Child Protection Agencies: Collaborating with local child protection agencies and organizations to stay updated on best practices and resources.


Adhering to these good practices ensures a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment for children in sports. We are dedicated to continuously improving our policies and practices to protect the well-being of every child involved in our programs.

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