The Toolkit for "PCSOS (Child Protection in Sports Project)" provides essential resources and tools to support and enhance child protection processes in sports.

Core Components

  • Training Materials: Modules and guides offering information on child protection principles, risk recognition, and intervention strategies.
  • Communication Templates: Templates and guidelines for effective communication with parents, athletes, and staff.

Risk Assessment Tools

  • Risk Assessment Forms: Customized risk assessment forms and checklists for sports facilities and activities.
  • Emergency Plans: Ready-to-use plans outlining steps and procedures for potential risk situations.

Monitoring and Reporting Systems

  • Reporting Mechanisms: Easy and accessible systems for reporting cases of abuse and neglect.
  • Regular Review and Feedback: Regular reviews and feedback collection to assess the effectiveness of practices and for improvements.

Training and Awareness Materials

  • Child Protection Trainings: Child protection and awareness training sessions for children, parents, and sports sector workers.
  • Awareness-Raising Materials: Brochures, posters, and digital content for awareness activities.

Resources and References

  • Useful Links: Links to national and international organizations related to child protection.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Answers to common questions about the project's objectives, practices, and policies.


This Toolkit is a critical resource for ensuring the safety and well-being of children in sports environments. These tools support the effective implementation of our child protection strategies.

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